Brüt Bünkr WIlton Manors

BRÜT at the Wilton Manors Eagle is a pair made in heaven. NYC’s longest running underground gear party makes its sweaty second trip to the sunshine state with a Brand new brand of orgasm.

When the world goes to hell, we head to the Bünkr. Take heed as we descend into the depths of House Music in this unrestrained trench of indecency. The Eagle Wilton Manors will be the scene as we transform the club into subterranean lair of debauchery. This party is going to be for ferocious house heads and serious seducers. Get ready to come and get sweaty, friendly and familiar with YOUR BRÜT boys! Get lost inside the perfect hunting grounds of a dark, smokey dance floor, amazing NYC underground house music, and some of the hottest man meat this event can supply!

Dan Darlington
Doug Jackson

Wilton Manor Eagle
2209 Wilton Dr
Doors at 9pm


  • Date:Saturday, October 2, 2021
  • Time:9:00pm - 4:00am ET
  • Category:
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