Connect & Unwind: Love Wins! LGBTQ+ Weekend Couples Retreat (LONG BEACH)

Love Wins! Exclusive Retreat for LGBT Couples Soul2Soul welcomes you to this unique opportunity designed to create healthier relationships

About this event

Love Wins! is a weekend-long couple retreat that combines LGBTQ+ specific coaching with a luxurious resort experience.

About this event:

Couples, be honest–Do you feel like you and your partner are speaking different languages?

Are you more like roommates than lovers? Can’t find the middle ground between penny-pinching and splurging?

Struggling to thrive as an LGBTQ Couple in a heterocentric world?

Ever wish your relationship came with a “How To” Manual?

You’re not alone. Even if you’ve been together since before “Netflix and Chill” was a thing, creating a successful partnership is challenging.

But just because improving your relationship requires work, doesn’t mean it has to be hard.

Love Wins! is a fun, interactive weekend retreat designed to help you identify and correct the core issues plaguing your relationship so you can live a happier, healthier life together.

During the retreat, you and your partner will learn how to

  • communicate using the Rosetta Stone of Relationships-the love languages
  • crank up the heat in the bedroom
  • reach a happy money medium
  • manage stressors unique to LGBTQ couples
  • create a vision board to plan your #couplegoals and how to get there

Most importantly, you’ll feel butterflies again when you think about the person you’ve to spend your life with.

Love Wins! is run by Dr. Gregory Canillas, or Doc, as he’s affectionately known. Doc is an award-winning relationship psychologist with over 20 years of experience working with couples.

He’s already helped hundreds of couples build happier and healthier relationships.

Just see what past couples have said:

“We really had in-depth and honest conversation…it was truly a safe space for all of us to learn, grow, challenge, and share our thoughts as well as experiences. I feel changed.”

“Dr. Canillas brilliantly brings out the best in our shared knowledge and experiences. (He) validates our experiences. We left better prepared, hopeful, and rejuvenated with fresh ideas.”

Through hands-on activities, engaging lectures, and exciting games, you’ll…

Discover how childhood and family traumas are harming your relationship

Reignite your passion for one another

Understand your partner’s values about sex and money

Develop coping methods tailored to the unique issues LGBTQ couples face

Create happier outcomes from disagreements

You’ll learn the same skills as couples who spend years in private sessions. And because the retreat is limited to 12 hand-selected couples, you’ll get the same level of personalized attention–without completely reorganizing your calendar.

If you’re determined to be that adorable old couple in the park who everyone swoons over, a weekend away is all it takes. A weekend to prioritize your health and well -being. A weekend tear up your “to-do” list and to put your phone on airplane mode. A weekend to truly dedicate yourselves to improving your couple.

Love Wins! takes place from July 30, 2021-August 1, 2021 at the luxurious 4-star Renaissance Hotel in Long Beach, California–the perfect place to soak up the relaxed Southern California atmosphere.

While you’re there, admire the Renaissance’s unique design and modern decor. Relax with a workout in the well-equipped fitness center or have a swim in the outdoor pool. At the end of the day, take in a sunset from the third-floor deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

After our sessions finish, spend some quality time together exploring everything Long Beach has to offer–pristine beaches, specialty boutiques, avant-garde galleries, and world-class dining.

In addition to 14 hours of workshops, course materials, and individual time with Doc, your Love Wins! Weekend Retreat includes:

2 nights in a well-appointed king room

4 meals (Friday-Dinner; Saturday-Breakfast & Lunch; Sunday-Breakfast)

Valet parking

A goodie box sure to make you hang up the “Do NOt Disturb” sign

And as a bonus, Doc is offering a free 30-minute follow-up appointment to each couple so you can ask questions and share your victories after the retreat.

Love Wins! is limited to 10 pre-selected couples. Take the first step to creating the relationship of your dreams. Call 213.232.3811 to schedule your interview today.

Cancellation Policy: Tickets are non-refundable. The Retreat package may be transferred to another Retreat date or gifted to another couple when canceled at least four weeks prior to the retreat date.

Our Vision: At Soul 2 Soul, we help you acknowledge and break destructive generational patterns so you can create more open, honest, and fulfilling relationships.

Corporate Giving: We are invested in strengthening families and communities. Soul 2 Soul donates a portion of its revenue to non-profit programs that increase positive outcomes for children, prevent intrafamilial abuse, and encourage mentorship.



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