CRUX LGBTQ Climbing – 2nd and 4th Tuesdays @thecliffsharlem

Every second Tuesday is a CRUX night at The Cliffs in Harlem!
This event is geared towards people who have never climbed before, haven’t climbed in a long time, and experienced climbers who like to help others have a great first or return experience.

Venue: The Cliffs Harlem
You will need to fill out the gym’s New Participant Agreement for your first visit. Do so ahead of time here: All COVID-19 procedures are outlined there.

When you arrive at the front desk, let the staff know that you are here for the CRUX event and whether you need rental gear. They will point you to the CRUX hosts.

Upon entering the building stairs and an elevator are available. All climbing areas are on the same floor. The cardio cycling mezzanine is only accessible by stairs. There are other cardio bikes on the main level.

Changing Rooms & Lockers
There are gendered locker rooms with restrooms on the right side. There is a universal changing room in the front by the check-in desk, and a universal, non-gendered WC and changing room near the cardio mezzanine. You are welcome to use the locker room and restroom of your choosing. Bring-your-own lock lockers are available in both the lockerrooms and in the weights area on the left side. Cubbyholes for stashing non-valuables are throughout the climbing areas.

Covid-19 Considerations
Masks that fully cover the nose and mouth must be worn at all times upon entry into the gym, including while climbing. Neck gaiters, bandanas, any single-layer fabric coverings, and masks with valves are not allowed. Be aware that The Cliffs Harlem implements mandatory temperature checks and hand sanitation measures before granting entry into the climbing area. Please observe all occupancy restrictions in locker rooms.

Full details here:

Non-Cliffs members get a discounted $20 for a facility day pass (with rental shoes included).

If you’re already a Cliffs gym member, just scan your Cliffs membership card or use a punch card. There are no additional costs to attend our event.

Climb Time
CRUX event hosts will be milling about in the front. You will see LGBTQIA flags on a table there or in the main climbing section. Hosts will be wearing yellow or teal CRUX t-shirts, and wearing the rainbow-colored CRUX nametags on their harnesses. Please introduce yourself and pop on a nametag so other CRUXers will know you’re part of the group.

Climbing from 7:00 – 9:00(ish) PM. Some members climb later and do workouts/stretches afterwards, so ask around if you’re a nightowl!

Food, drink, socializing after 9:00 PM – After climbing, a group usually heads to a local restaurant/bar for dinner and chit-chat. Hosts will spread the word on the post-climb spot, but if you don’t hear just ask a fellow CRUXer or the event host.

We’re going to have a ton of fun! See you at The Cliffs Harlem every second Tuesday of the month!

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

No. However, evenings get crowded in the after-work peak and is not the best time for small children new to a dynamic event space.

I’m part of an organization that would like to bring a group. Can we all register?

Please contact with info about your group before registering. This gives us an opportunity to ensure we can accommodate everyone.




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