Kaboom! Saturday

Be the first to experience New York City’s newest high energy LGBTQ+ dance party: KABOOM! Saturday. Local favorite DJ DANNY KIM will warm us up with his dance hits and DJ LUCAS FRANCO will take us late into the night with his thunderous vocal filled Brazilian beats!

Event goes from 10pm-4am. At 12:30am DIGNA gets on stage and various pop up surprises are in order throughout the night.

Looking for VIP access? Oh hunny, true VIP is earned, not purchased 😉 Our temptress host DIGNA will be on the look out for those serving the fiercest looks or bringing brilliant energy and invite them into her EXCLUSIVE balcony featuring its own bar and an elevated view of the dance floor.

The pandemic is OVAH in NYC and we are bringing it BACK TO BASICS. Great music, incredible venue and gimmick-free $40 tickets. Need we say more?

Hosts: Digna with Ronnie Brown, Antonio Liranzo & Evan Pan



  • Date:Saturday, July 17, 2021
  • Time:10:00pm - 4:00am ET
  • Category:
  • Tickets

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