“PEARL”-Sundays at Montrose WeHo Pool

Join us for “PEARL”-a Queer Sunday KIKI on the rooftop of Montrose West Hollywood!

About this event

Who needs a dip in the pool and a cocktail (or more) on a Sunday afternoon??

“Pearl” is serving you all of it this summer. Bring your poolside lewks: kaftans, heels, speedos, sun hats, and pearls, of course! Disco grooves and feel-good vibes all day long. Get there early and claim a spot, or reserve a cabana if you prefer some SHADE (and we all enjoy a little shade from time to time).

This is a safe space for the entire LGBTQ community of Los Angeles and your friends. We want to celebrate all bodies, self expressions and identities!

“Pearl” is a ticketed event. Limited tickets will be sold at the door.

Food available for purchase.

For more info on cabanas or room discounts, please email pearlpoolparty@gmail.com.

FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: @pearlpoolparty



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