Pearl Tea

MISS PEARL is throwing LA’S first Sunday Tea Dance!
Pool season is wrapping up-but the children still want to twirl, don’t you?? PEARL is turning our poolside kiki into Sunday Tea at the elegant Riviera 31 @ The Sofitel Los Angeles.

Featuring hot DJ’s, drag performances, and a gorgeous indoor/outdoor space with a dance floor and disco ball, PEARL TEA will be serving you all the good feels. So stroll on over after brunch and shake your booty before the work week starts! Come early and grab a table. Bring friends…make new ones!


This is a safe space for the entire LGBTQ+ community.

Entrance to Riviera 31 is to the right of the main hotel entrance.

We suggest you uber/lyft/park on street.

For info on bottle service, please email

FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: @pearlpoolparty



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