How should I prepare for bottoming for the first time?

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@AskPeaches: I’m 22 years old and I’ve never bottomed before. I’ve been talking to this guy who I want to have sex with and I want to know how to prepare for my first time. I’ve searched online and found all kinds of information, but still feel a bit lost. How should I get ready?

@Jose: I remember my first time like it was yesterday. Like you, I wanted to try it and figure things out. I didn’t know if I would like it, if it would hurt or really how to prepare. It’s hardly the kind of thing to just ask any friend, so I’m glad you thought of asking me.

Of course, you know there’s a deadly bug out there, so take all precaution to protect yourself. I’d recommend that you and your partner get checked for the coronavirus before getting into any hanky panky. While I know it’s been hard being socially distanced, this is hardly the thing to risk getting very ill or losing your life over.

First things first, everybody’s different, so you’ve got to understand your own body and what will work best for you. I try to eat foods that are rich in fiber, as should you. They will keep you regular. Daily fiber supplements, like psyllium husk, can also help to leave you clean and light. Pay special attention to the dosing recommendations, since too much can have the opposite effect.

Also watch what and when you eat before you bottom, based on how your body naturally processes food. Lord knows you could get in trouble! While it’s not been my reality, I have witnessed it first hand while topping. But let’s face it, it shit happens and it comes with the territory. For some people, the rare, winged unicorns that they are, they may never have to do a thing and are clean as a whistle. But for others, this approach may not work. For your first time, and to save you from any embarrassment, I recommend that you purchase a small douche like the Nexus Douche Pro, which you can order online. Some sex shops sell a variety that are just as good. Otherwise, you can buy fleet enema from the pharmacy. I find it is better to pour out the liquid and use water, as the solution can upset your system more than you might like. Most of the douching products you will find often don’t come with clear instructions, however, so here are a few good tips that work for me:

  • Get a douche with a rounded or soft nozzle so that you don’t puncture the lining of your rectum when using it.
  • Apply some lube to the nozzle to help it glide in easily.
  • Fill the bottle with lukewarm or cold water, whatever is your preference, and do as many passes as needed till the water runs clear.
  • You can squat or lie on your side when using the applicator and gently squeeze the liquid inside. Hold it in until you feel the urge to empty yourself. You don’t have to get all the liquid in, but just make sure you get all of it out!
  • When you feel confident that you’re clean, you can even try to use a dildo just to make sure.

After this, toss your hair back, gurl, and take a sigh of relief!

It may take a few times to get it exactly right. Through trial, and hopefully not a lot of error, this will become easier.

I hope you nail it and get nailed.

The @AskPeacheas column is prepared by committee but written from one person’s experience. Send emails to askpeaches [at] freshfruitinc [dot] com with “@AskPeaches” in the subject line. Be sure to give enough background, so the advice can be more specific and relevant.

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