Is it safe to eat ass?

Illustration: Vilela Valentin

@AskPeaches: I’m an ass man. I can’t deny it. I like seeing them, playing with them, and I like to eat and be eaten. But a friend of mine recently got a throat infection from it, which has never happened to me and it’s gotten me worried. My question is: how safe is it to eat ass? 

@Mike: I like the brevity of your question, so let me get right down to the bottom of it. In all earnestness, the clinical term for oral ass play is known as anilingus. It is difficult to quantify how safe it is, as compared to other forms of oral or penetrative sex, if that’s what you mean. Simply put, most people don’t just “eat ass” during sex and could contract diseases through other means perhaps like your friend. Therefore, there is little data available to know exactly. However, you can become infected with various diseases like Hepatitis A & B, E. Coli and other types of bacteria, and intestinal parasites like Giardia when you are the giver. But anilingus also has risks when you are the receiver as well, including getting other forms of STDs like chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and herpes in the mouth and throat, if the receiver has an anal infection. 

Your level of exposure will vary by the type of disease, whether you or your partner has an active infection, as well as the oral health or hygiene of you and your partner. 

Look, I know the above isn’t exactly enticing. While this information may make it seem a lot scarier than it might really be, rimming or any other ass play can be a fun and enjoyable activity. It’s good to understand how to protect yourself  at a time when reasoning can sometimes go out the back door — especially with a casual encounter. If you want to be safe, do this with a trusted partner only, or use protective methods like a dental dam, or make sure you don’t have any open wounds in your mouth or bleeding gums. At the very least, you or your partner should properly prepare that area, because as thrilling as it is, it does come with some gamble. Also, don’t be shy to ask your partner to put some special care there. You want to prepare not so much for the best of circumstances, but for when you simply don’t understand what you are risking.

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