Sukihana Is Unapologetic

Photo: MC Gregor Lapierre

In an interview on The Salon, a new podcast by Instagram-famous comedienne and actress Lala Milan, rapper and social media personality Sukihana talked about recent alarm on Twitter and Instagram about an incident that was a bit of a gag, for lack of a better word. Sukihana shared a video on her OnlyFans page throwing up while performing or*l sex on her fiancée, rapper Kill Bill. Despite the uproar, Sukihana was unphased. What follows is an excerpt of their exchange:

Lala Milan: “You said that you done been trapping. And the first thing that comes to mind is your OnlyFans. Recently you went viral for a scenario where basically you threw up on your fiancée. You got a whole bunch of backlash from the Internet for that. Can you tell me: did you want them to go to your OnlyFans, was it a way of getting publicity, did you think before you even posted it, what were you thinking?”

Sukihana: “When I post things online or anytime you see me in a video, I really don’t think about what people gon’ think about it, because I’m just unapologetic. Like I just do me. I don’t really care what people say. I make money off of everything I do. That’s one thing I learned: how to capitalize off of everything I do. So, me posting a video on OnlyFans, people was like so excited, like they never seen nothing like before when that’s normal shit that I do in the house. I didn’t understand what was so exciting. This is just what I do every day.”

Lala Milan: “You throw up every day?”

Sukihana: “I mean from time to time.”


Lala Milan: “Girl, you gotta stop going in with a full stomach.”

Sukihana: “Well, yeah, I had just ate some crabs, because my man had bought me some crabs. He was trying to be romantic or whatever. He had bought me like a crab bowl. A bitch had went in, honey. I had snow crabs and all types of sh*t. But the problem was we was out in the pool and sun and I was drinking liquor. I was having a good time. Let me tell you something, he didn’t care. Everybody throw up on d**k from time to time, like OK.”

Sukihana rose to fame on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop: Miami for her don’t-care-attitude and personality, and recently appeared in Cardi B’s WAP video, featuring Megan Thee Stallion.

Sukihana had posted an image of the supposed encounter with her fianceé where he had his toes in her mouth while they shared a bath together. That image has since been deleted on Sukihana’s and Lala Milan’s Instagram accounts.


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